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Psychic Gallery sets out to inform public As heard on the Lou Gentile Show and The Jack Landman Show


Grand Opening of Psychic Gallery continues to get new psychics and much wide spread media interest as it enters its thrid week!

(PRWEB) May 8, 2004--The Grand Opening of Psychic Gallery has made several Media airwaves as it begins its third week! The website that offers hosting and web design for psychic readers has become not only an online gallery but also one with a cause.

Psychic Gallery offers all the amenities many large online companies offer yet does not take a percentage of the psychic’s income.
Many psychic companies list psychics on their site and then take 30% to 60% of the reader’s payment. They hold the money from 4 to 6 weeks in their bank account and then reimburse the psychic for their work. At any point in time, they can say a credit card was denied or payment was reversed without proof or paperwork and deny the Psychic their payment. In some cases, they say the payment is under investigation and they may get their payment but it could be 6 months later.

Then comes the real clincher, they do not claim the psychic readers as employees at the end of the year – they list them as self-employed contractors. Self-employment taxes are not cheap. Below is an example, which is based off a medium sized company taking only 40% instead of 60%. Some companies make the psychic pay per clicks on their page.

If a Psychic Company has 800 readers who each make $1000.00 a month, the company will put $800,000.00 in their bank account to draw interest for 4 to 6 weeks. (By this time, the 800 readers have again made this amount, so by the time pay day comes around the company has revolved this money to make interest rates apply on a large stable sum). The company then takes 40% out of the psychics pay before dispensing it. Which gives the company $320,000.00 for their own.

Each psychic will receive a check for the month for around $600.00 if there are no charge backs. The psychic then has to pay Internet and computer fees along with self-employment taxes from this amount. Each individual psychic makes an estimated $320.00 dollars for the month if they do not pay advertisement.

In effort to stop this victimization of psychics and their clients, Psychic Gallery offers the psychic reader their space for $40.00 a month regardless of the amount they make. The website does not collect money from the psychics clients or read their private logs as the larger companies do. The Gallery offers psychics the opportunity to have their own business listed and they no longer pay a percentage, wait for a paycheck or have their privacy invaded by recording sessions. The psychic then truly has their own business and their privacy with their clients.

The Gallery offers a $5.00 referral fee to anyone that refers a psychic to the gallery who signs up for monthly business hosting. However they caution against spamming.

The Gallery at the moment hosts Internationally Renowned Rhiannon Waits, who tours performing her “Hello Again” Show, author of “Accepting The Light”, and released the meditation CD “ Spiritual Journeys”. Rhiannon is a regular on many shows and Metaphysical Expos.

Also listed is Athena Louise who testified against Ms. Cleo for the Florida Attorney general and the Federal Trade commission. Athena has appeared in Atlanta Georgia and Gulf Breeze, Florida.

Top Keen Readers have listed on site, Cassandra, Rhieanna, Gerry Rae and Monica to name a few. Melissa Cleary, Reiki Master, Ordained Minster and Tarot reader has joined the cause as well. In addition, listed are Britt and Amanda Orr, son and daughter in law of Rhiannon Waits, who read tarot for their clients.

All About Tarot

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