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Psychic Advisor and Counselors' Keen Approval Rating Passes 13,000


AstroDaija, a Christian Principle based, Relationship Astrologer based on has exceeded 13,000 approval rating points -- he hightest score attained by a former ASTRONET advisor, of which 60+ joined Keen as a group in September of 2001.

(PRWEB) August 12, 2004 -- The approval rating for Daija DeMornay – “ASTRODaija", as she is known on – passed the 13,000 mark July 2004, just last month. This number is posted on her public page at that site, and may be seen by searching there for AstroDaija. She achieved this rating level in just over two years. This rating number represents the hightest score attained by a former ASTRONET advisor, of which 60+ joined Keen as a group in September of 2001. Come September Daija will celebrate her third year anniversary with KEEN. uses a point system based on user feedback and availability in ranking its advisors, and is ranked as one of their most consistant overall top advisors. (see AstroDaija’s Keen page at

“I’m pleased to offer personal and relational advice that is spiritual, practical, and logical; foundationally rooted in Christianity,” Ms. DeMornay said of her practice. “My clients have been an inspiration to me by allowing me to help them, help themselves. I’m grateful for their continued faith and written feedback. I believe the advice my clients seek is what we are all seeking in life – hope for a better life and lifestyle, better relationships in every area of our lives and especially faith in the future.”

Asked about the combination of Astrology and Christianity, Ms. DeMornay observes, “Astrology is our first psychology. The Psychology of the personality as it applies to Astrology in the natal birthchart gives keys and clues into the characteristics of the human personality on the day of and at the time of birth. Bibilical scripture offers practical principals, morals, and values for daily living that when coupled with absolute Faith and daily meditations (prayer) on God’s Word provides and promotes an active platform to launch a plan of action in order to develop and maintain a sound foundation for happiness and success in every area of our lives. It’s a natural combination.”

DeMornay makes her living entirely as an advisor, and has been practicing for close to twenty years in various online venues including Psychic Readers Network, Astronet via AOL, and presently and since September 2001, on KEEN.COM.

Daija DeMornay is a Christian Principle based, Relationship Astrologer. She is a 3rd generation spiritual astrologer and a long time member of the NCGR (National Counsel of Geocosmic Research). As a practicing Intuitive Astrologer, Spiritual Counselor, Psychic Visionary, and Tarot Reader, Daija has been in practice since the early 80’s, holding "LIVE” consultations, workshops and seminars in New Orleans, St. Louis, Houston, New York, and L.A. She has written columns on general and spiritual Astrology as well as on love, romance and relationships and has appeared as a guest on television programs with a focus on Relationships, Astrology and Advice, and to date she continues to make herself available for those venues.

Ms. DeMornay has studied Astrology, Psychology, and Theology and has a background in nursing and the healing arts. She has been an advisor online, internationally, for top organizations including PSYCHIC READERS NETWORK, ASTRONET via AOL and KEEN. She writes STELLAR SCOPES, her astrology column available free at her website and at Daija continues to write inspirational, spiritual, and relationship pieces, conduct workshops, seminars, and is available for speaking engagements and lectures upon request as well as provides individual in studio “live” personal advice sessions and media entertainment.

She maintains and promotes her own website,, mentioned above, and has recently added a gift shoppe.    

CONTACT: Scott Frangos - 360.694.8818

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