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[ELFWOOD] SF&F Art / Teresa Dietzinger / 'The Moon'
... This one depicts The Moon, which represents illusions, deception, and the moon's effect on nature (on the ... useful as a tarot card, you've got to have all the necessary elements ...

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The History of the Moon Card
The History of the Moon Card. The Moon is a card that the occultists modified very little. In the Waite-Smith deck, for example, the design is almost indistinguishable from the centuries-old Tarot de Marseille pattern. ... cling to the Moon card in divinatory traditions. The original tarot designers, though certainly ...

LEGO Tarot - Card Details
XVIII - The Moon. Divination: A card of dreams and intuition. Author Commentary: I was going to put a mini-figure on the Moon here, but completely destroyed the illusion of scale and made "The Moon" look like "The Asteroid". ... Previous Card | Next Card. Reasonably Clever Tarot -© 2003 by Reasonably Clever - Do not reproduce or re-distribute ...

Tarot Card Meanings - The Moon
... Clairvoyant Tarot Readings By Jules. Tarot Card Meanings - The Moon ... Clairvoyant Tarot Readings By Jules - Tarot Card Meanings. Copyright © 2003 All rights reserved ...

Tarot - The Moon
Award winning site about Tarot and spiritual growth. Tarot resources, readings, cards, decks, forums, big New Age shop, spiritual holistic healing. Has a strong online community with a warm welcome to all seekers. ... Big Shop. Community. Tarot Resources. News ... or wolves baying at the Moon. The Moon card you see here depicts Anubis, the jackal god of the Egyptians ...

The Moon Tarot Card Pendant
The Moon Tarot Card Pendant from the All Tarot Collection ... The Moon Tarot Card pendant is shown above with ... Return to All Tarot Card Jewelry. Return to Other All Tarot Jewelry ...

Celtic tarot card 20 Moon
Celtic Tarot card20 Moon (chart and colour key) ... The Moon. (Moon) The Moon commands the night and all its secrets, fears and magic. She governs the rhythms of life. This card ... Moon Pale Blue ...

Free Tarot Card Readings
FREE TAROT CARD READINGS. Why pay $4.99 a minute over the. phone, when you can get a reading. from a professional Tarot Card Reader for free !! I used to work for the psychic network, but I became very disappointed by the ... All of my Tarot Readings are done by hand, not some ...

Moon Card Meaning at Aeclectic Tarot
Thirteen's Tarot Basics. THE MOON. Basic Card Symbols. A full moon (with a crescent within), twin pillars, two dogs/wolves howling, a stream that runs to the ocean, a crayfish emerging out of the water. Basic Tarot Story ... He passes under the moon, between two pillars ancient and strange ...

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