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June 2003 Tarot Spread of the Month. Constructing A "Tarot" Story by Geraldine Amaral. The process of using the Tarot to help you create a story begins like a reading. Choose your deck, shuffle and breathe.

Lesson 18 - Creating the Story of a Tarot Reading
Creating the Story. In this lesson, you will learn how to pull together the elements of a reading - to create a tarot story. This is not an easy process to describe because storytelling is an art. ... its full meaning. A tarot story doesn't come from without; it arises ...

Exercises - Lesson 18 - Creating the Tarot Story
... Now, create a story around the cards ... using only tarot card images. When you are through, set the first three cards aside, and deal three more for a new story ...

The Minor Arcana : Court Cards and Ace s Their Special Place In the Deck
This Page is Under Construction. About the Tarot. The Meaning and Story : the Major Arcana o f the Tarot Deck. The twenty-two cards of the major arcana are especially important ... that matter, any order, they will tell a story.. Tarot cards are broken up into major and minor ... as I have found the tarot story to be filled with joy ...

Tarot Games
KnightHawk's Tarot Website. On this page I have presented some games that you can play with the Tarot cards. These games are fun ways to deepen your understanding of the cards and increase your experience with them. Tarot Games

tarot writing story
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Tarot Passages
tarot; new age; divination; metaphysical ... at the table, each thinking of the story--but differently, as teller and listener always must ... Tarot Outside The Box. Tarot: Get the Whole Story. Qabalistic Tarot ...

The Tarot Story
The Tarot Story. The invention of the Tarot cards has been attributed to various sources.

The Story of the Illuminated Tarot
by Carol Herzer. Many years ago, back in the 60's a friend gave me a tarot deck. Mysteriously it disappeared a couple years later, and when I replaced it the colors were different. ... the images of the tarot were also finding their way ... I created my own tarot, and came to a place ...

Kiama's Tarot story
Please take time to vote for Anjas Tarot :-) 0. "Life's a pretty precious and wonderful thing; You can't sit down and let it lap around you... you have to plunge into it, you have to dive through it..."- Kyle Crichton ... Copyright 2000-2004 Anjas Tarot. Site graphics by Anja Nielsen ... A World Of. Tarot. SiteRing. This site owned by ...

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