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Salem Tarot Page: Choosing a Deck
We offer this guide to choosing and caring for a Tarot deck. Also presented is an extensive list of Tarot Decks from a wide range of artistic styles. ... Choosing the right Tarot Deck can be like finding the right mate ... equally important to seek out your own Tarot deck, one that suits your personal tastes and cultural ...

Choosing a First Tarot Deck
... Choosing a First Tarot Deck. Here are some points to consider if you are choosing your first ... There is no official tarot deck. Decks come in many different forms ...

Tarot Forum Archive - Beginners choosing Tarot decks? - Choosing a deck!
Tarot Choosing a deck! by Celeste. Hi Breezy, I chuckled to myself when i read your post, because i have been searching for an ideal learners deck ever since i began studying tarot!

Choosing a Beginner Tarot Deck
How to intuitively and artfully read tarot cards. ... Choosing a Beginner Tarot Deck. If you are just starting to read tarot cards or have never ... you throw a tarot spread with a keyed deck, the cards not ...

Choosing your First Tarot Deck
Choosing your first Tarot deck. What deck should I buy if I'm just starting out? This is such a good question and I wish I'd known more before I bought my first deck. When I decided to get into Tarot, it was a sudden, impetuous decision.

Choosing a Deck
Choosing a Tarot Deck. Buying your first pack of Tarot cards is like buying seeds for your garden. You cannot expect flowers to grow overnight, you must look after them, nourish and then wait paitently for them to develop. ... our process of choosing your first Tarot deck, but as Thebe always ...

Choosing a Tarot Deck
Choosing the right Tarot deck is very important. Always pick a deck that talks to you -- one that you are drawn to in order to get the most out of your reading. ... Choosing a Tarot Deck. Like any other tool, you must put consideration into finding the deck that ... When looking for a deck, go to a store that has samples ...

Choosing a First Tarot Deck
Choosing a First Tarot Deck. Here are some points to consider if you are choosing your first deck: 1.

Choosing a Tarot deck
... by Viviane Lerner. Choosing a Tarot deck ... If you don't have a Tarot deck yet, take your time to pick one, it has to "feel right" to nobody ...

Choosing The Right Tarot Deck for You
Choosing The Right Tarot Deck for You. Choosing your first Tarot deck can be a daunting task. There are many, many decks from which to choose, and you will probably find yourself attracted to quite a few.

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