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Reversed Tarot Cards
Using reversed cards is a considerable step for Tarot readers from all different skill and ability levels as it opens a new door to a wide area of study. ... Tarot suggest plainly that the reversed card indicates the opposite meaning of the upright card. For example, the reversed ... on occasion the opposite meaning may have relevance, more ...

Tarot Cards
... In the Norse tarot, this card is represented by Odin hanging from the tree ... myself, however, this card can sometimes take on a more spiritual meaning. Reversed: Something hidden from ...

Tarot Card Meanings
welcome to the world of self discovery. Tarot Card Meanings. Interpretations of the basic meanings of the Tarot cards. (Rider-Waite deck) based on several major sources ... of deeper meaning. Sometimes this card predicts an upcoming ritual (wedding, graduation, award). Reversed: an openness ...

Tarot card FREEWARE for your H/PC and P/PC!!!
TAROT Card FREEWARE for CE. Includes CE1.0 and CE2.0 versions, Palmsize PC versions, and support for the H/PC Pros, including the HP Jornada. What is it? Background. This is tarot card software for H/PC. ... Nope - this is one card for "normal" meaning and one card for "reversed" meaning. Adding 78 different graphics (one for ...

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Druid Tarot
Reversed cards have a meaning reversed that shown. Reversed cards also show displeasure of the Deity, or a diverging of the path as the deity would will. North. Intuitive

Online tarot card readings at
... different meanings to a card depending on whether it is ... card description includes both its meaning and reverse/opposite meaning. Online-Tarot's Tarot Readings do not use reversed ...

Destiny Tarot Resources 38
... card marseille tarot. card mean tarot. card meaning reversed tarot. card meaning tarot their. card own pick tarot ...

Teach Yourself Tarot 4 by Michael Star (c)1998
Reading Reversed Tarot Cards, by Michael Star. STAR SIGNS Astrology Zine: Tarot FAQ, free daily horoscopes. ... you are going to consider reversed cards as having a different meaning than upright cards, then be sure ... Often a reversed Tarot card is a sign that the principle or ...

Exercises - Lesson 17 - Reversed Tarot Cards
Exercises - Lesson 17. Reversed Cards. Exercise 17.1 - The Energy of a Card. Shuffle the cards so there is a mixture of upright and reversed cards. Hold the deck face down in one hand. Turn over the first card, and lay it in front of you. ... have drawn the given reversed card. Write a brief ... The card's meaning is in bold, and the reversal ...

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